Brand Messaging

We Build Brands.

A clear brand architecture provides a simple framework for marketers, a clearer story for sales teams and greater relevance for customers. We call this brand coherence. And we're really, really good at it.

Brand Architecture

Sticks and Stones aside, a Bad Name can REALLY hurt you.

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Is Your Brand Flexible Enough For Today's Marketplace?

Brand Strategy

Positioning in 4 Easy Steps

Differentiate, Become Relevant, Deliver and Earn the Rep you deserve.

Brand Strategy

We have a Proven System for Naming Systems.

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Post-Production in a Post-Covid World

Working from home is great when you can, but what happens when you need to produce something? How is our new socially distant reality changing production—namely shoots, talent, editing and even craft service. All aspects of production are evolving and 2x4 is leading the way with new innovative, collaborative production processes.

Production Process

Media Story

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