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Best. Case. Study. Ever.

Chicago White Sox — 

The team hadn't won a World Series in 88 years. Then they hired us.

Nine months later they won the World Series.


We could end there — 

but we like the work so much, we will show it to you anyway!

“White Sox Radio Grinder Rule #1”
“White Sox Radio Grinder Rule #11”
“White Sox Radio Grinder Rule #44”
“White Sox Radio Grinder Rule #66”
“White Sox Radio Grinder Rule #73”

Social Media Videos

We created a TON of social media content to drive ticket sales and promote both features of the ballpark experience and special events. To do this we created an efficient and fast production system—where all of this content was shot, edited and produced wholly at Two by Four.

Here are a few of them...

“White Sox Radio Grinder Rule #96”
“White Sox Grinder Season Ticket Promo”

Two Team Town — 

Chicago is home to TWO professional baseball teams which complicates communications. This is further exacerbated by the fact that the Sox play on the Southside of Chicago. And even to lifelong Chicagoans, the Southside is shrouded in misinformation and bad stereotyping.

So, we created a fun mini-campaign to help combat this.

We created The Southside Chicago Board of Tourism or TSSCBOT.

This was a fictitious government agency set up to help people better understand all that was waiting for them on the Southside—most notably the World Champion Chicago White Sox.

These videos were produced like bad government "explainer" videos—low budget, bad acting and generally awkward. We then released them on social media where they became a viral sensation. In fact, as TSSCBOT became more and more popular, Brett Smalls—the TSSCBOT Commissioner (who was actually one of our employees)—was invited to throw out the first pitch at one of the games.