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No 2x4's were harmed in making this campaign.

TimberTech Decking — 

Made from recycled materials, TimberTech is leading the building products industry and the planet on, well, protecting the planet. And as their agency of record, we have helped them reposition this brand as the innovator and challenger in the space. Never settling for status quo and spurred on by industry-leading technology, they were poised to revolutionize how people think about building a deck.

Go Against the Grain — 

Our campaign was just the rallying cry TimberTech's revolution needed.

Contractor-Targeted Print:

Earth Day Mini-Campaign:

Guerrilla Media & Point of Purchase Signage:

In-Store Video Banner:

Retail Truck Rental Signage:

Telescoping Product Feature Direct Mail:

Trade Show Signage & Graphics:

COVID Communications

During the pandemic, naturally we changed the nature and tone of our campaign to better reflect the issues people were facing. We began with a message that reminded people of the safety of HOME.

We then evolved our messaging to recognize that with an ever-increasing presence at home, TimberTech helped people find distraction in an outdoor project like a new deck. And the best way to ensure you get the best deck is to go with the company that has the best tech.

The TimberTech Championship

PGA Champions Tour

We created and produced all of the marketing elements for this pro golf event—everything from the event logo to advertising to course signage to balls, tee markers, and even the championship trophy was our design and production.