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Peerless work for Navy Pier.

Navy Pier — 

We were Chicago Navy Pier’s Agency of Record for 11 years, 7 months and 15 days. It was a great run and one we are very proud of. And while a nearly 12-year tenure in the travel / tourism / destination / entertainment / city government / retail / restaurant / real estate space is impressive to be sure, it is even more amazing when you consider we did it in Chicago where local politics are not for the faint of heart.

Navy Pier — 

Great work and an even better relationship is what kept us at the helm for as long as we were. And we did just about everything for them—corporate identity, logo design, signage, advertising, website, digital, event planning, research, media, direct mail, social, email—you name it, we did it.

Our work for Navy Pier was very successful.

We exceeded the visitation lift benchmark by 583%, drove an average cost per visitor acquisition of only .52¢, and most importantly, set new annual records for both new visitors and increased local visit frequency.

A Small Sampling — 

Below is just some of the work we helped create for Navy Pier over our 12 years as their Agency of Record:

Corporate Identity & Logo Redesign:

"Tall Ships" Special Event Print Ad:

"100 Years of The Pier" Campaign:

We created a fully integrated campaign around the 100 year anniversary of the Pier and the grand reveal of their new renovation.

"100 Year" Special Event Logo Design:

"100 Year" Outdoor Campaign:

"100 Year" Digital Campaign:

"Have It All" Campaign:

Integrated advertising and promotional campaign to promote the many dining, entertainment and experiential opportunities at the Pier.

"Have It All" :30 Television:

"Have It All" Spectacular Outdoor Installation:

"Have It All" Digital Web Page Takeover:

(Copy shown in this execution example is "greeked" due to the nature of this dynamic geo-targeted digital ad. Actual execution copy would be changed based upon where someone was coming from.)

"Have It All" Video Direct Mail:

"Forever" Campaign:

Integrated advertising campaign to remind previous visitors as well as new guests that their experience at Navy Pier will last forever.

"Forever" :60 Television:

"Forever" Digital:

"Forever" Outdoor:

"Forever" Radio:

"Forever" :45 Taggable Television:

"Forever" Digital: