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Out of the box thinking?

No problem.

Grainger — 

had been around for over 90 years. Their brand desperately needed to reconnect with their core customers and become a relevant resource for new ones. Grainger works with more than 3,000 global suppliers to provide more than 900,000 products worldwide. But despite their Fortune 500 status, few people in the general market knew them. And those that were loyal customers, tended to only buy from the categories they knew—rarely crossing over to other product lines even thought their businesses needed those products as well.

As Grainger’s agency of record, we strategically restructured their brand from top to bottom and helped successfully position them as THE leader in facilities supply—driving home a customer-centric position, "For the ones who get it done".

Hand-in-Hand with Customers — 

Our “Supportive Hands out of the Box” campaign underscored their customer's need for getting the right product, at the right time, and at the right price.

A campaign built for the entire world — 

The simplicity of our "Hand out of the box" campaign easily translated into the 128 markets Grainger serves worldwide.

HUGE Radio Campaign — 

To drive sales and retail, we deployed a massive global radio campaign that underscored how good Grainger is at getting customers the right product, at the right price, right on time. (And we did that in a non-boring way.)

From 3 Billion to 6 Billion—that's a few boxes o' results.

We got it DONE. We spent eight years as Grainger’s agency of record, helping to position the brand as the leader in facilities maintenance supply. Over that time, Grainger grew from a three billion dollar company to a six billion dollar one—all under the simplest of marketing strategies: rebuild your brand architecture to simplify your messaging and product offerings, then focus on your customers and support them every step of the way.