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Playing games in Michigan.

Four Winds Casino — 

It is rare that a brand comes to you when they literally only have their name figured out and nothing else. Four Winds knew what they wanted to be called—Four Winds Casino and Resort—but that was about it.

They were still building their building, hiring a TON of people and getting ready to open. They needed everything. And we mean everything—heck, we even designed the gaming table felts and the loyalty club, which we named The W Club.

Fully Integrated Campaign — 

For Four Winds, our campaign was integrated into every marketing channel we could deploy.

We even repainted the town's water tower so we could put our client's logo on it. TV, radio, print, digital and a host of design tactics—everything from designing logos to the look of the gaming tables to merch to corporate papers to even the dice, playing cards and chips themselves.