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Here, We Did.

DePaul University — 

Chicago is known as a "roll up your sleeves and get things done" kind of town. Fortunately, the city's premier university is also well known for their "hands-on" approach to education. As a purposeful part of the curriculum, DePaul students actually learn by DOING. So, when we were hired as their agency of record, we created a three-year campaign with a tagline focused on exactly what makes them unique:


Getting it DONE.

This campaign has been one of Chicago's most dominant in the last three years, saturating outdoor and digital with a seemingly endless number of executions. If it was available, our media team made sure we had a creative execution on it.

The result has been a dramatic increase in brand recognition but, more importantly, a unique position that clearly defines the value proposition for incoming students and parents.

Extending the Campaign — 

Two by Four's Design team also took the tone and look of the campaign into all aspects of marketing for DePaul—everything from direct mail to collateral to campus transportation.