Sew. Awesome.


Simply put, there is no other sewing machine more advanced, precise and desired than a BERNINA. And since we have been their agency of record for over 13 years, there is very little we have not done to promote this spectacular product. Everything from advertising to PR to media to building a giant 15-foot sewing machine—whatever it takes to help them maintain their dominance as the world's best sewing machine.

BERNINA University

BU is an annual national conference where dealers and consumers are introduced to the latest product innovations, training programs and new promotions. It is also a chance for the brand to connect to their most loyal fans and get feedback to impact development.

These events are held in a different US location each year and feature a geographic theme for the event. Two by Four carries that theme into all of the marketing and merchandising materials for these events.

A few examples of our work for BU are below.

Made to Create

Social Media Videos

Over the years we have created hundreds of "How To" videos to support the BERNINA sewing community. These videos serve as the foundation for keeping loyal fans of the brand aware and engaged, as well as creating a two-way dialogue via social channels.

We have built a nimble, efficient, in-house production process that produces a ton of content, very quickly and at a low cost.

The video to the left is one "super" example.

Stitching the Brand together with Design — 

BERNINA has always valued the enduring power of great design. Which makes us honored to have provided them with extensive design services over the years, all in support of their many promotions, programs and events—both in the US and globally.

Here are a few design examples...