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You have been accused of critiquing the font used on ads inside a city bus. Nothing irritates you more than lazy design, except maybe poorly written creative briefs. You LOVE conceptual thinking and then presenting those ideas in an artful, simple way—one that is creatively unique, communicates clearly, and wins AWARDS. And Chicago is your home or the place you want to call home soon. OH BOY do we have a job for you! (And being a boy is certainly not required.) Our Chicago office is in the market for an up and coming Art Director, someone who’ll relish the chance to work on an eclectic roster of clients (often all at the same time). Our ideal candidate thinks conceptually, art directs with a strong sense of design, doesn’t discriminate between a social media post and a tv spot, can work well with an equally talented writer partner, and is ridiculously fun to be around. If that describes you, then you already believe concepts are KING and are best presented as killer comps, you play (relatively) nice with account people, and you are not friggin’ jerk. Did you just think, “THIS is the job I want.” If so, then COME AND GET IT.