Career / Director of First Impressions

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Born to be a BFF, the Two by Four Director of First Impressions lives life with a smile ever in front of them. First and foremost, this person is the face of the agency—hence the title. Every person who walks through our massive door or dials our digits will ultimately be greeted by the DoFI, so a contagious personality and effervescent spirit is certainly a must have. Strong organizational skills and an almost manic need for things to be ordered, counted, and tracked is also a must, as this person is also responsible for all agency storage spaces, kitchen area, common areas, office maintenance coordination, and office supply management. As a professional people pleaser, the dual title of Executive Management Assistant can also be found on this person’s business card. As such, being able to willingly and happily execute requests from our senior most managers is a central part of this job. The EMA will be required to do all manner of things from professional tasks like booking all Executive Manager’s travel, keeping track of their schedules, setting appointments, or arranging meetings to personal requests like helping an Executive book a family vacation, find a new puppy, or shop for a spouse’s birthday gift. Two by Four recognizes we ask quite a lot of our management team and because of this we offer the services of our EMA as support to their busy lives—both professional and personal support. So, if you're looking to make a lasting impression, you should apply for our Director of First Impressions.