Career / Accounting Clerk

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Of the vast number of number crunchers out there, are you #1? Do you calculate in your head like some sort of living version of IBM’s Watson? Then perhaps you’ll fill Two by Four’s entry line as our new entry level Accounting Clerk/Human Supercomputer. Strong organizational skills and a maniacal need to balance numbers is key, as you’ll be responsible for a big portion of data entry, record keeping and account reconciliations. The ability to happily execute requests is also part of the equation, whether they’re from our Finance Department, vendors, clients or Joe the Account Guy (man, he’s a pain in the neck). And, the numerical wizard we hire should help keep Finance fun: because while we don’t want to botch any totals, we do like to blow off steam. Reports to: Direct Report: Controller Secondary Report: Accounting Supervisor Job Purpose: Responsible for assisting the Accounting Supervisor with, but not limited to, a variety of complex accounting functions.